Ecopoints Project in the Municipalities – PEM016/FSG

Selective collection is the expression used to name the separation of materials which can potentially be reused (repurposed for use, ex.: oil drums are dully cleaned and reused as water deposits) and recycling (process through which the solid waste which would otherwise not be used suffers changes in its physical, chemical or biological state in order to gain characteristics that will enable it to once again become a raw material or a product, ex.: the aluminium cans after the product is consumed and they are thrown out, are collected and sent to the transforming industries which will transform them in new aluminium cans, giving them a new life). Among these materials for reusing and transformation we can mention the paper, plastic, metal, glass and organic waste.

The Sérgio Gago Foundation, with its concern for the Environment, has created the project Ecopoints in the Municipalities with the objective of supporting the municipalities in the management of solid waste. Ecopoints – are infrastructures meant for the collection of waste (trash) separately and with the help of different colours: plastic (red), metal (yellow), glass(green), paper(blue) and organic trash (brown).

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