Mangwana School – PEM003/FSG

The Community of Macanda, in the village of Impaputo, District of Namaacha travels long distances...

Nutri-Schools – PNE014/FSG

In Mozambique, about 43% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition (low stature for ...

Arch of Capricorn Project – PAC012/FSG

The globe is made up of two "imaginary lines" drawn horizontally known...

Expansionists in Development – PED012/FSG

With the desire to bring our contribution to the improvement of the current state of employment in the Country...

Mail Boxes – PMC007/FSG

A Mail Box is a public repository where postal products can be deposited (such as letters,...


We aim to identify, carry out, promote and sponsor a wide range of actions in different areas of interest to civil society, namely in the social, scientific, sporting, literary, cultural, educational and environmental areas.

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Recycling ABC is a project conceived with the aim of promoting the preservation of the Environment, through a training program in terms of good practices in Waste Management.

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Recycling ABC

The project aims to complement the energy and nutritional needs of students, by offering a daily meal in the morning and afternoon shifts.

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This initiative consists of training and assigning a certain number of hand trucks and an initial value or equivalent products to start the commercial activity.

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Auto Vans Project