Mail Boxes – PMC007/FSG

A Mail Box is a public repository where postal products can be deposited (such as letters, cards, etc.) in order to be transported by the post.

Sérgio Gago Foundation is an organization concerned with the implementation of projects connected with the cultural area, and has thus signed an Understanding Memorandum with the Postal Company in Mozambique E.P., with the main goal of recovering the beauty of the Mail Boxes that exist throughout the country.

In a first phase, we began with the restoration of the Mail Boxes placed in the City of Maputo, followed by the cities of Gaza and Inhambane. Through this partnership, we can contribute to the preservation of this century old heritage, highlighting its beauty and importance.

Besides painting and restoring the mail boxes, the Sérgio Gago Foundation performs its regular maintenance (quarterly painting, every two weeks cleaning and monitoring9, so their life span is increased and the beauty of our heritage is preserved.

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