Auto Vans Project – PCA/FSGE013

A report published the past year by the World Bank indicates that Mozambique has 15 millions...

Space of Religious Convergence – PECR018/FSG

For millennia, in all human populations, the history of Medicine has always in some ways been ...

Christmas at the Hospitals – PNH009/FSG

The celebration of Christmas with one’s family is one of the most awaited moments of the year, to reunite with relatives and friends...

Personal Hygiene Kits Project – PKHI019/FSG

The Sérgio Gago Foundation, in order to contribute to the decrease of girls' dropping out of school...

Homeless Capsule – PCSA008/FSG

The homelessness phenomena, such as it presents itself today in Mozambique’s society, can be considered...

Solidarity Tent Project – PTS011/FSG

Currently, the climate changes have been proving to be one of the biggest engines for serious natural disasters...

Apple Movement Project – PMM020/FSG

The Apple Movement Project was born in 2019, when we became aware ...

Wheelchair Project – PCR006/FSG

The project started in 2016, during a visit by the Foundation's patron to the Maputo Central Hospital...


We are proud to have organized and participated in several solidarity actions all around Mozambique. Here we present you a selection of some of those actions. VIEW THE PORTFOLIO IN: Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin.

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Recycling ABC is a project conceived with the aim of promoting the preservation of the Environment, through a training program in terms of good practices in Waste Management.

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Recycling ABC

The project aims to complement the energy and nutritional needs of students, by offering a daily meal in the morning and afternoon shifts.

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This initiative consists of training and assigning a certain number of hand trucks and an initial value or equivalent products to start the commercial activity.

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Auto Vans Project