Institutional Partnerships

The Sérgio Gago Foundation, while pursuing its humanitarian goals, may enter agreements, contracts and other types of adjustments, with physical or legal entities, within the public or private range, nationally or internationally.

The sharing of resources and cooperation between the foundation and other Public or Private entities, increases the scope for action and enables it to bring its support to those who need it.

The success of these partnerships depends on the will of those involved to work together towards a common goal and, in this case, our main objective is to improve the well-being of the citizens in general, mainly those in need, as well as an active and positive intervention in the preservation of the environment.

We all stand to gain with the creation of partnerships, both the Foundation and the citizens who will benefit from the actions we develop, as well as those who decide to embrace this cause with us, dedicating a part of their resources and knowledge to the pursuit of a higher good.

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Financial Partnerships

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We aim to identify, carry out, promote and sponsor a wide range of actions in different areas of interest to civil society, namely in the social, scientific, sporting, literary, cultural, educational and environmental areas.

Institutional Partnerships

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Recycling ABC is a project conceived with the aim of promoting the preservation of the Environment, through a training program in terms of good practices in Waste Management.

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Recycling ABC

The project aims to complement the energy and nutritional needs of students, by offering a daily meal in the morning and afternoon shifts.

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This initiative consists of training and assigning a certain number of hand trucks and an initial value or equivalent products to start the commercial activity.

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Auto Vans Project